31: Dancing


On board today and I spent it reading, drinking, eating and dancing! I must say that I do really enjoy Latin American dancing. I’m not much good at it but the two times I’ve done some serious dance lessons I’ve loved every minute. I promised myself when I last came home from Central America that I would take salsa lessons and didn’t.. this time its more than a promise it is going to happen!

Its one of the best things about travelling on board a cruise ship- there is always something to do. The other thing that there was to do today was ride the surge. I love it when the ship gets up a bit of a rock and so does the pool. When the pool gets going and you are in swimming it is super fun. The surge got up so much that by lunchtime they had to close off the pool and drain it out. Which became a real issue as the day heated up.. all many of us wanted to do was get ourselves wet to cool down and the pool was closed… hmm.

Its also gala night tonight so in honour of the event the spa team put on an display of up styles and massage.. I was the guinea pig for the up style and I have to say that I wasn’t a fan. So much so that I actually ended up going back to the salon later in the afternoon to get my hair washed and blow dried.. Much better!

Gala night was interesting, the captains cocktails was pretty average.. we were running a bit behind and actually totally missed the introductions and toasts. Dinner was enjoyable and the show was great. Straight after the show the dancers all stayed around and did some dancing with the audience and that’s when it got real fun again. It was called dancing around the world- which meant the audience had to try and keep up with some interesting dances.. chicken dance (easy to keep up with), the zorba (not easy at all) and of course plenty of salsa. The night ended with me feeling pretty well tired but finally feeling like I got in a good amount of exercise!

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