Weary_Feet Treks the Globe all began when I decided to quit my job and go out and see the world.

The journey began in April 2011 in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, and will continue for as long as the bank account can support travel on a very low income!

2011 saw me trek through Northern Asia, across the vast stretches of Siberia into Northern Europe. My trekking took me as far north as the 80th parallel, through the bustling streets of many European cities and saw me end up in the beautiful Arabian Deserts.

2012 sees me trekking through North America and if the bank account allows, maybe down through the South American jungles culminating in another polar adventure in Antarctica.

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  1. fantastic website, it would be great if there was a link to just the photos (although they would probably be out of context – it could work if you labelled the photos and the labels went with the photos) and perhaps a “home page” link (although clicking on the weary-feet title or picture bar at the top takes you back to the start). The comments box seems to work really well as does the search bar (I have tested it a few times and it hasn’t failed). The dark colours work really well, gives a very professional feel to the photos and the web site. If i think of anything else I will let you know :) Keep on holidaying

    • Thanks for the feedback mate! You’ll have to show Vetty this arvo when you get home…

      The photo thing is actually a lot harder than it looks… when i upload photos to the blog they don’t automatically enter my gallery.. i have to load them seperately (which is why most of the photos in the gallery aren’t the same as the blog posts).. umm i’m sure there is a way to link them i just need to do ‘play’ a bit more with the software.

      Thx for testing the search bar and the comments… Dad thinks the website is too busy.. too much info.. i’ve changed the layout a bit, can you tell me what you think?

  2. Love the ‘about’ info I love the pic you chose remember when you first put it up! The black background as the comment from Damo above says works really well and accentuates the photos and text as well.

    • Thank you very much Carol for the feedback (I knew I could count on you to help me out!) D thinks the website is too busy.. too much info.. i’ve changed the layout a bit, can you tell me what you think?

  3. Hi again Di, that was quick!

    You said David thinks its a bit too busy, but remember for people like myself that have not travelled to the places you are showing us on the website, assumed knowledge is great if the people interacting with you have a reasonable sense of the area being discussed, I have known a fair bit about most of the places you have shown us but many of the destinations shown I have had limited knowledge of, and the added info has been greatly appreciated, and bit of background never hurts.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  4. HI Carol,

    I’m not sure dad was commenting on the detail of the info but more on the look of the website (ie too much happening and therefore too hard to read the content).. I’ve played around to make the content a bit smaller (on the main page) and I think this works better…. you can tell me what you think

    • Yes sorry if I missed what David was referring to I agree and it works well!

      It covers the details much better in a concise manner.

  5. Definitely not too busy from my point of view – you need enough info and click spots to entice you to look around. Keep the dark background and white text, loving it!


  6. Hi Babe,

    It looks great. I can’t wait to read the next adventure… I miss you already. Stay safe and have a blast holidaying around the world!!!! I am going to try and out comment Damo … Well at least try.

    have fun
    Love Y

  7. Di,

    How do you find the time to blog everything. We tried to Blog our travels around south America but ran out of umf 2 weeks in due the time it was taking each noght to blog.

    So… do you have any secrets? Do you write rough notes though the day into a phone and then post them at night? Do you blog on a laptop? Ipad, iphone? How do you make the time do you have a daily Schedule.

    Awesome blog, you will be glad you did it.


    • Hi Morley,

      Great to hear from you!!!

      Yep that is the million dollar question.. how do you get time each and every day to blog??? well i don’t have a magic answer to the problem.. i try to blog every night but I have to admit that there are days where it just doesn’t happen and i hang it over to the next day! I’ve upgraded this time around and have installed Dragon dictation for my iPhone and my plan this time around is to dictate my blogs and then upload to my laptop.. I’ve also changed laptops this time around from a small net book (which drove me nuts because it was so slow and had no gutts to do any photo editing) to one of the new ultrabooks.. I bought a Toshiba i5 and so far it is a god send.. weighs nothing and runs every software programme I would possibly want to run…

      I haven’t tested out the Dragon yet so I’ll have to let you know how successful the dictation is with the blog!

      Where are you guys off to next time?

      Chat soon,

  8. Hi Di,
    I’ve only just discovered your new blog And I Freakin’ Love It!!! Just need to burn it permanantly to an iPad and it would the be altimate momento to your awesome “around the world in 500 odd days”.

    • Glad you like it B! If you know how to turn my website into an App go for it!! :) Say g’day to Roberta and the kids for me xxoo

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